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 Abbi's story begins with her original career as a freelance performance circus artist. She's witnessed the art of DJing in so many environments in all the parties that she's performed. She was inspired enough to buy her own equipment and begin her journey to master DJing. Abbi has completed an intensive DJ program with Wired Sound Academy and is knowledgeable with up to date DJ equipment like CDJS and software like Rekordbox and Serato. 

Her mission is to provide the best music experience for all types of people and events. Her favorite genres to play is House, EDM, Top 40's, Hip Hop and Disco; although, she will go above and beyond for any crowd. Ultimately, she plays for the people and that's what is most important to her!

DJ Abyssal

Want to listen?

Check out my SoundCloud for up-to-date mixes. 
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