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Hula Hoop Entertainment 

Abbi began her entire performance career as a hula hoop performer and hula hooping has been her act that has taken her around the world. She specializes with a multi LED hula hoop show. She can perform with up to four customizable LED hula hoops for your event. She can upload images, colors, patterns, logos and more to the hula hoops to fit the themes or costumes of any event. In addition, she has a 20 hula hoop slinky hula hoop finale that leaves the crowd in awe. 

Kravis Center

Story Time

Abbi has been hula hooping since 2014. A hobby that was therapeutic and fun that later became her full time career. She got her start when she quit her last retail job to begin a residency at Pawn Shop Night Club in West Palm Beach in 2017. Since then, she has grown as a hula hoop artist and has been included in many entertainment companies in South Florida. She has been able to grow her own rotating cliental in South Florida to make her passion her full time career. What was once a dream is now a reality. 

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